Our Productions

  1. Crystal Maze: London - Trocadero

    The original and still the world’s best!

    Having first opened in 2016, The Crystal Maze Live Experience moved to its current home in London’s West End in 2018 meaning it will soon be approaching its 10th anniversary, becoming one of the world’s longest running immersive theatrical productions.

  2. Crystal Maze: Manchester - Old Granada Studios

    In 2017, Little Lion expanded its operations into the UK’s second city by creating a 30,000 sq ft Crystal Maze adventure playground at the Old Granada Studios. It is the longest running theatrical attraction anywhere outside London and is perfectly placed in the heart of the city.

    Look out for new attractions nearby soon!

  3. Games Arena

    In 2024 the Little Lion Group acquired TEI Games Arenas; a pioneer in the new space of Live Video-Game attractions. These attractions explore the liminal space between live events and video games, allowing players to step into digitally projected worlds created within epic 15,000+ sq ft arenas - just like being inside a video game. If a Games Arena is the console, so each product becomes a ‘game’, which allows the venue endless repeatability, not just though the ability to create infinite new levels, but also have entirely new games.

    The first game to launch in the Games Arenas was Chaos Karts. Chaos Karts combines real-life racing with augmented reality and uses state-of-the-art technology to immerse competitors in a thrilling experience complete with varying track designs, fully reactive and drivable electric karts and usable in-kart power-ups that will allow you to ‘battle’ right up to the finishing line.

    The first Games Arena opened in Manchester in 2023 and the second in Dubai in 2024.
    Little Lion will soon be announcing its second Live Video-Game attraction which will be a global first.

  4. Tomb Raider

    In April 2022, Little Lion will open the first of its new generation of immersive experiences by leveraging one of the world’s most famous video-game & film properties. 

  5. New Music Experience: London - Camden

    Not wanting to wait for the next best thing but with a firm desire to create it for an expectant public, Little Lion will be creating an utterly new experience in late 2022 in collaboration with one of the world’s most famous music brands.

    Expect thrills, twists & turns and some of the best tunes and biggest names in music!

  6. New Immersive Experience: Texas - Dallas

    In 2023, Little Lion will open its first major attraction in the United States!

    The site, located within Warren Buffett’s $1.5 billion 433-acre mixed-use property development Grandscape, will be anchored by large-scale entertainment venues such as Scheels All Sports, Galaxy Theatres and Andretti Sports.

    Hold on to your hats- this one is going to change the game!